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Chicken Invaders: The Next Wave is the second episode of the Chicken Invaders franchise, released on December 22nd 2002, with the initial release demo coming out four days earlier.

The game was a huge improvement from Chicken Invaders. Instead of the same waves in every chapter, the game features different waves, and many different types of enemies and bosses. It was also the first game to introduce multiple Weapons.

The predecessor of The Next Wave is Chicken Invaders, and the sequel is Revenge of the Yolk.


Just when you thought it was safe to eat chicken again, the Chickens have returned with an organized invasion to take over the entire solar system! Journey to each planet and fight your way through to save the world (again)!

In the first chapter of the Chicken Invaders saga, you defended Earth against an invasion of intergalactic chickens seeking revenge for the oppression of their earthly brethren. However, as you were clearing out the last of the chicken invaders and were looking forward to a double chicken burger special at the space burger bar, the true scale of the problem became apparent: the first invasion was simply a precursor to the chicken's main assault! Their master plan now becomes clear: to invade each planet in the solar system and make sure that it is inhabited exclusively by chickens!

The time has now come to don your egg-repulsing helmet and make the biggest omelette you've ever made as you continue your adventure in the second chapter of Chicken Invaders: The Next Wave. Only you can make a difference. Will you succeed? Will the future of chicken burgers be secure? Or will you end up as part of the menu in a galactic chicken restaurant?


  • 1 or 2 players — save the world alone or with your best friend!
  • 11 planets110 levels (including 10 secret ones).
  • 3 weapon types — each upgradeable to 10 levels plus a hidden 11th level.
  • Skill bonus system — collect points for speed, efficiency, or just plain luck!
  • Over 1800 frames of animation.
  • Internet high score tables — compare yourself with people from all over the world!


You can buy the game through the InterAction studios website here, for €10.

You can also get it on Steam here, for $3.


The Next Wave has an online Flash version, which resembles Chicken Invaders. You can read more about it here.


  • The sound that plays when you defeat the Mother-Hen Ship has since been used as the "Extra Life!" sound in the later games.
  • This is the first game to have an ending and Editions.
  • The Veteran Difficulty wasn't included in the initial release of the game. It was added in the official release instead.
  • The artwork used on the logo screen contains assets that would have been soon used in Revenge of the Yolk (with the star background being the only exception), and it has been made around 2006.
  • Originally, Weapons had their power levels stored separately from each other. This means, for example, that if you were to pick up the Laser Cannon while playing with the Neutron Gun on ⚡9, and if you never picked up the Laser Cannon before, you would go back to ⚡0 while with it. This was deemed too hard, however, and it was later changed so that they all use the same power level.
  • In the first versions of The Next Wave, asteroids started raining down in all waves starting from chapter 7, after the Asteroid Belt. Those asteroids were only cosmetic and you were not able to destroy them. They were somewhat confusing in asteroid waves, so they were removed. This feature was also present in the initial release of Revenge of the Yolk.
  • The Next Wave, unlike the other games (not counting Chicken Invaders), had an Initial Release Beta instead of a Closed one. When the game was close to release, InterAction studios uploaded an initial release version of the game. If you found a gameplay bug that hasn't been found yet before, you would have received the full version for free. Island Wars 2 and Revenge of the Yolk Linux had a similar beta.