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The Next Wave Online has more in common with Chicken Invaders than The Next Wave.


  • Just like Chicken Invaders, only one weapon is available, the Ion Blaster. It has less power levels and more projectile types, including a triple bullet.
  • Chickens always wear red vests.
  • You start with three lives.
  • Extra lives can be obtained by collecting 100 drumsticks.
  • It never ends, just like Chicken Invaders.
  • Only drumsticks appear.
  • There are no Missiles.
  • Firepower is upgraded through Gifts, as Atomic Powerups are gone.
  • The menu has a play button and two options - 'Play Sound' and 'High Detail'. There's also the "Get deluxe version!" button, which redirects you to the game's page on GameHouse's site.
  • With each system, the Chickens get faster, their health increases, they drop eggs faster, and the eggs themselves go faster.
  • Your ship is able to be destroyed by a splattered egg if you are at the bottom of the screen and you shoot. 
  • Firepower can't be upgraded after the final level, meaning that dying will always revert you to the 5th Power Level.


Image Description
Wave X1
First Contact

First wave of a system. A single Chicken flies in from the top of the screen. Every system, another Chicken is added.
Wave X2
Classic Invasion

Four rows of eight Chickens fly in from the top corners of the screen.
Wave X3

30 Chickens with umbrellas fall from the top of the screen. One shot is enough to destroy an umbrella, freeing the Chicken holding it. It's mostly identical to its normal game counterpart, except for that it goes on much longer.
Wave X4
Meteor Shower

Red asteroids fall diagonally from the right side of the screen. After 8 seconds, they fall from the left side of the screen.
Wave X5
Classic Invasion

Four rows of eight Chickens fly in from the top of the screen.
Wave X6
Hatching Chicks

35 Eggs fall from the top of the screen. Destroying them frees a Chicken.
Wave X7

An asteroid appears at the top of the screen, which bounces around. Destroying it spawns three smaller asteroids, which will spawn three even smaller asteroids when destroyed, leaving in total 16 asteroids.
Wave X8
Classic Invasion

Four rows of eight Chickens fly in from the bottom corners of the screen.
Wave X9
Just passing through

This wave resembles Wave 18 - We're surrounded! from Revenge of the Yolk. 28 Chickens arrive from the bottom left corner of the screen and fly around in a circle until they leave.
Wave X0
Show 'em who's boss!

A Big Chicken appears from the top of the screen to fight you.


The game surprisingly has received a Christmas edition. The changes are almost identical to The Next Wave's Christmas edition.


  • Chickens wear a Santa hat.
  • Leaves instead of drumsticks.
  • Ornaments instead of eggs that chickens drop.
  • Ice comets instead of asteroids.
  • Big Chickens now wear a santa suit.
  • The GUI is colored red.


The game can be accessed through the links below.

Normal Edition

Christmas Edition


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