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Enemies Ordinary ChickenAsteroid
Bosses Big Chicken
Powerups Gift
Food Drumstick
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This page lists enemies and bosses present in Chicken Invaders. If you'd like to know more about them, enter their pages.


Ordinary Chickens

CI1Chicken CI1Chicken360

Current System
Very Common
Ocasionally shoot an egg

Reward: 1-2 drumsticks, occasionally Gift (DX Version only)

Points: 900 + System * 100

Description: Ordinary Chickens are the most common Chicken troops you'll get to fight and your main threat. Their attack is simple - shoot an egg downward. Although they might seem quite easy, their real strength lies in their sheer numbers. In most of the waves you'll get to fight hordes of these, all ready to shoot an egg at your face, and this gets harder in the later sections of each game, as their eggs become faster and get shot at a quicker pace. They're also very versatile. They appear in Waves X1, X2, X4, X5, X7, and X8.

Appearance: Their appearance is simple. They're normal Chickens that wear a vest. They however look much more blockier and simplistic than they do in the later games. In waves where they don't fly around too much, they wear blue vests, and in waves where they fly around a lot, they wear pink vests.


AsteroidCI1 AsteroidRedCI1

System + 4 (if it's a smaller one) or 8 (if it's a bigger one)

Reward: occasionally Gift

Points: 500

Description: Asteroids are rogue rocks floating in space. Asteroids usually fly in a straight line. Although they don't have an attack of their own, they still can be pretty dangerous. They appear in Waves X3, X6 and X9. They are exclusive to the DX version.

Appearance: They are asteroids. They are gray every odd system and red every even system.


Big Chicken


30 + System * 10
Shooting eggs in a quick succession

Reward: 10-20 drumsticks, occasionally Gift (DX Version only)

Points: 9000 + System * 1000 + 250 per hit

Description: Those are Big Chickens, the big baddies showing that this invasion is indeed serious. They are the bigger and tougher versions of Chickens. They use only one attack, which is shooting eggs at a faster rate than regular Chickens. Interestingly, this boss is both the boss with the least and the most amount of health in the entire series. It only appears in Waves X0.

Appearance: They are Big Chickens that wear a green shirt with a crossed out chicken leg on it.