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DOS Version
Chicken Invaders (DOS Version) is the very first game in the Chicken Invaders franchise, predating even Chicken Invaders (DX Version), made in 1997.

It's very different from the later games. It was never completed and as such it's missing a lot of features. It, however, has started the franchise and many of its concepts, and some of its code still remains in the Ultra VGA Engine to this day. Two versions of this game existed - the BC++ version and the Java version (which was even more incomplete).

Its successor is Chicken Invaders, which should be considered the canonical start of the franchise.


  • The starfield does not scroll and is different.
  • Everything is pixel art instead of 3D rendered.
    • Chickens are much smaller and have larger beaks. They also only have three frames of animation (wings up, side, down).
  • The player controls a handgun instead of a spaceship.
  • Missiles do not exist.
  • Powerups do not exist.
  • Asteroids do not exist.
  • Your weapon only has one power level.
  • Food isn't collectible.
  • Much less waves.
  • Waves do not repeat forever.
  • "Also Sprach Zarathustra - Op. 30" is not used.
  • The logo is slightly different.
  • Only one sound can play at a time.
  • The game's resolution is 320x200 instead of 640x480.


The only difference between the two versions (BC++ and Java) is that the BC++ has four waves, while the Java version has only one. The Java version is also said to have worse animation.


Note: The images used here are not real. They are mockups made to show how this game could have looked like, with only the starfield looking exactly like it did in the original versions.

Image Description
Wave 1
get ready!

First wave. Five rows of eight Chickens. The only wave present in the Java version.
Wave 2
get ready!

Repeat of Wave 1.
Wave 3
get ready!

Repeat of Wave 1.
Wave 4
show'em who's boss!

A Big Chicken appears from the top of the screen to fight you. The final wave, as you can't progress past that point.


The DOS version has been lost long ago, with InterAction studios only still having the title screen, but it has since been remade by fans (and that version has been used for wave screenshots). The remade version can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Alternatively, you could watch gameplay of the remade version here.


  • The Java version lacks a lot of features from the BC++ version, as back then Java was just starting as a language and it wasn't powerful enough for decent animation.
  • The starfield used in this game is an upside-down version of one of the backgrounds present in Radar Wars Arcade.