Foreign Galaxy is a galaxy close to the Milky Way, few hundred thousand light years away. It's a magellanic spiral galaxy, around dozens of thousands of light years in diameter. It's the first other galaxy you visit, and it's the home of Chickens, due to them being present all around the galaxy, and the various Chicken related places here, like the Feather Fields of Yolkon-7, the Planetary Egg City, and the Chicken testing site. It's also supported by the internal name of the Chapter 9 cutscene, which is "Return to Chicken Galaxy".

Points of Interest

Chicken-Constructed Testing Target


The Chicken-Constructed Testing Target is located on the far ends of the galaxy in a binary star system. In this place there was a large testing station built by Chickens for the purpose of testing The Egg Cannon's planet-frying capabilities. The Hero arrived here just as it was being destroyed.

Feather Fields of Yolkon-7

Closer to the galaxy's center are the Feather Fields of Yolkon-7. This area is filled with humongous feathers. The Chickens can also be seen here guarding this place. The hero had to go through it on his way to the galactic center.

Space Crab Nebula

Even closer to the galactic center is the Space Crab Nebula. Although it hasn't been actually seen in the game, it's said to be similar to the Crab Nebula in the Milky Way. The hero goes through this place on the way to the galactic center.

Chickis Majoris Space Burger


This Space Burger store is located at the edge of Chickis Majoris, even closer to the galactic center. It's said to have the best spicy chicken sauce of this side of the galaxy. The Hero stops here between Chapter 4 and Chapter 5, but he left soon after once the narrator told him that there's no time for that.

Supermassive Black Hole

Found in the galactic center is the galaxy's supermassive black hole. The Chickens used it to get to Earth faster. The hero also used it for the same reason, but that had him instead end up in the Retro Galaxy. The Planetary Egg City was orbiting it.

Space Crab Portal

On the galaxy's shores, a portal can be found. It's guarded by the King of Crabs. The hero ends up here after being almost fried to a crisp in the Supernova Galaxy, and has to use it to get back to Earth, which has him instead end up in the Space Burger Galaxy.


  • The testing station in the Chicken testing site is based on the first Death Star from Star Wars. It's also internally called "DeathStar".
  • You spend the most time in a single mission in Ultimate Omelette in this galaxy (7 chapters).
  • Even though this is supposed to be an unique galaxy from the Milky Way, they use the same space background.
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