Ice Golem a boss present in Cluck of the Dark Side. It's a mysterious being present on one of Eta Astropelecae's highest mountains, which guards the Thingamajig of Vagueness. It takes on the form of a Chicken.


It's a being resembling a Chicken, made out of 200 cubes. Individual cubes will spin around.

Editions don't affect it.


Image Description
Spread Lightning

The Ice Golem fires six lightning strikes in different directions. It only uses this attack when it materializes.
Chick Storm

The Ice Golem summons 20 Frozen Chicks.
Comet Storm

The Ice Golem summons 10 Ice Comets.
Multi Lightning

The Ice Golem fires six lightning strikes going straight down in different locations.


It's encountered only once at the end of the Eta Astropelecae: Artifact Recovery Mission chapter. There, it has 200000 health. It consists of 200 cubes, each having 1000 health. They give 1000 points after destruction, and they may drop a Gift. They have a splash damage limit of 100, meaning Missiles aren't very effective against them. Its pattern is a bit more complicated compared to other planet bosses. First, it assembles from the sides of the screen at the center. Once it's done, it will use Spread Lightning, to signify that it's now solid. It will only use this attack once. Now it goes on to perform its regular pattern, which starts with Chick Storm. After that, it uses Comet Storm. It finishes its pattern with Multi Lightning. It will move to a different place between the attacks. A Satellite is summoned at the beginning and at the end of the fight. It is weak to the Ion Blaster, Laser Cannon, Vulcan Chaingun, Barbequer, and ICBM, and it is strong to Riddler, Boron Railgun, Utensil Poker, and the Microgun.


The Bird-Flu Gun is very recommended for this boss fight. If you fire some just before it becomes solid, you may even chip away half of its health right at the beginning. The ICBM can also be used, but it's not as effective. Try to destroy the cubes closest to you earlier on, so that you'll have more space to maneuver for the Comet Storm or Chick Storm attacks.

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