Infini-Chicks are Big Chickens, and bosses present in Ultimate Omelette. They are the second biggest Big Chickens to date.


The Infini-Chicks are huge Big Chickens, 1.5 times as big as the regular ones, wearing a purple superhero outfit. They have a green scarf around its neck, and a green circle with an yellow infinity symbol written on it on their body. They also have a belt, which is armed with six orange capsules.

The Christmas edition has them wear santa clothes, similar in style to the ones the ordinary Chickens have in Cluck of the Dark Side's Christmas edition. The Easter edition has them made entirely from chocolate. The Thanksgiving edition turns them into metal turkeys.


Image Description
Beam Bond

The Infini-Chicks are bonded with a laser which keeps shooting every three seconds.
360° Waste

The Infini-Chicks shoot 24 orange super-powered waste in different directions. This is the only attack without any clear warning.
Smokey Bolts

The Infini-Chicks shoot 12 green smokey bolts in different directions. A green AoE effect appears before this happens.


Twice Infinity

The Infini-Chicks are first encountered at the end of The Feather Fields of Yolkon-7 chapter. There, they have 70000 health each. They start the fight with Beam Bond, which will be constantly used from now on. They will fly around the screen, then use the 360° Waste attack. After this, they will keep using Smokey Bolts until they die. The Beam Bond attack will stop once one of the Infini-Chicks die. Once their health is depleted, they will explode, and give 60000 points, 10-12 Food items, and an Atomic Powerup. They're weak to Positron Stream and strong against Neutron Gun, Plasma Rifle, and Photon Swarm.

Chicken Multiplicity

The Infini-Chicks are encountered yet again at the end of the Return to the Milky Way chapter as part of the Chicken Multiplicity boss. They still have 70000 health each. Its attack pattern has been heavily simplified, as they no longer are able to use Beam Bond and 360° Waste. Instead, it will constantly use Smokey Bolts until they die. Once their health is depleted, they will explode, and give 100000 points, 10-12 Food items, and an Atomic Powerup. Two Big Chickens will spawn in their place. They have the same weaknesses and strengths as before.


In the first encounter, try to focus on attacking one of the Infini-Chicks. You'll have enough time to do this as they perform their entrance pattern. It's not as important in the second encounter, but it still helps here.

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