Moron Railgun is a weapon introduced in Universe, and your starting weapon in that game. It's the weaker version of the Boron Railgun.


This is the “starter” edition of the Boron Railgun and it shows. Reduced damage (no strong projectile) and a hard power limiter (after ⚡7 only the automatic firerate is different) make it only suitable for the complete newcomer. It's recommended to stop using this weapon once you find something better.

This weapon is the only one not to have a Gift.


  • Fast firerate.
  • Fast projectiles.
  • Very hard to Overheat on lower power levels.
  • Decent at lower power levels.
  • No enemy is strong against it.
  • Lightweight, low power usage weapon.


  • No spread.
  • No strong projectiles, compared to the Boron Railgun.
  • Requires automatic fire.
  • Cannot be upgraded.
  • No special power level at ⚡20.
  • Weakest weapon in terms of DPS starting from ⚡7.

It's a member of the Metal group, so it has its weaknesses and strengths.

Weakness of:

Strength of: None


Moron Railgun is the only weapon that only exists as an item. You start the game with it equipped, but it can be also bought either in the galactic shop or at Heroware stores. Its price in the galactic shop is 74 Key. It can't be upgraded. It weighs 70kg and uses up 40 KW of energy.

Power Levels

This weapon has 11 power levels.

Image Name Description
Level 0 (⚡0)
The power level you start with.

Projectiles: Two Weak from the front weapon pods
Base damage per volley: 130 (2x65)
Firerate (max/automatic): 6.5/s / 6.66/s

Level 1 (⚡1)
Projectiles: Three Weak from the tip and the front weapon pods

Base damage per volley: 195 (3x65)
Firerate (max/automatic): 6.5/s / 6.89/s

Level 2 (⚡2)
Projectiles: Four Weak from the weapon pods

Base damage per volley: 260 (4x65)
Firerate (max/automatic): 6.5/s / 7.14/s

Level 3 (⚡3)
Projectiles: One Medium from the front left weapon pod and three Weak from the remaining ones

Base damage per volley: 290 (1x95 + 3x65)
Firerate (max/automatic): 6.5/s / 7.41/s

Level 4 (⚡4)
Projectiles: Two Medium from the front weapon pods and two Weak from the rear weapon pods

Base damage per volley: 320 (2x95 + 2x65)
Firerate (max/automatic): 6.5/s / 7.69/s

Level 5 (⚡5)
Projectiles: One Weak from the rear right weapon pod, three Medium from the remaining ones

Base damage per volley: 350 (3x95 + 1x65)
Firerate (max/automatic): 6.5/s / 8/s

Level 6 (⚡6)
Projectiles: Four Medium from the weapon pods

Base damage per volley: 400 (4x100)
Firerate (max/automatic): 6.5/s / 8.33/s

Level 7 (⚡7)
From now on, only the automatic firerate changes.

Firerate (max/automatic): 6.5/s / 8.69/s

Level 8 (⚡8)
Firerate (max/automatic): 6.5/s / 9.09/s
Level 9 (⚡9)
Firerate (max/automatic): 6.5/s / 9.52/s
Level 10 (⚡10)
Firerate (max/automatic): 6.5/s / 10.2/s


This weapon has three types of projectiles.

Image Name Damage Description
Used in: early power levels (until the 6th)

Behavior: goes forward

Used in: later power levels (from 3th)

Behavior: goes forward


  • The Moron Railgun reuses the color of Hen Solo's Boron Railgun.
  • This is the only weapon without a special power level at ⚡20.
  • Before ⚡6, it's actually stronger than the Boron Railgun.


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