Party Chicken is a Big Chicken and a boss present in Cluck of the Dark Side. It's the long lost brother of the Military Chicken who has finally returned. But apparently, nobody cares.


It's a Big Chicken of the "military" breed. It wears blue clothes and hat with colorful dots placed on them. It also has rosy cheeks, and it's the only Chicken of the "military" breed not to have an angry expression.

In the Christmas edition, it's made out of ice, while in the Halloween edition, it wears a white sheet with cut out holes for eyes and beak.


Image Description
Waste Throw

The Party Chicken shoots big waste in a random direction every 0.25 seconds.
Spread Waste

The Party Chicken shoots 16 omnidirectional big waste, equally spaced from each other. An AoE effect appears before this happens.


It's Party Time!

It's first encountered at the end of the Blade of Revolution chapter. There, it has 100000 health. After dying, it gives 75000 points, 10-12 Food items and a Powerup. Its entrance pattern is a bit complex. First, it'll arrive from the top left corner of the screen and make its way to the bottom right corner. It will use Waste Throw along the way. After that, it will arrive from the top right corner and make its way to the bottom left corner. It will use Waste Throw here too. The entrance pattern ends with it diving from the top of the screen, positioning itself in the center, and using Spread Waste. From now on, it will fly to random points of the screen in a slightly erratic manner, using Waste Throw on the way. This will continue until it dies. It's weak to Corn Shotgun and the Bird-Flu Gun, while it's strong against the Neutron Gun, Photon Swarm, Plasma Rifle, and Hypergun.

Brothers Reunited

It's encountered again at the end of the Our Darkest Hour chapter with the Military Chicken. There, it has 125000 health. After dying, it gives 125000 points, 10-12 Food items and a Powerup. It has identical attacks as in its first encounter. It still has the weaknesses and strenghts from the last encounter.


Barbequer is recommended, as this boss will shoot a lot of projectiles. Try to get hits in before it ends its entrance pattern. In Brothers Reunited, it's better to focus on the Military Chicken instead, as it's more dangerous.


  • It's the only Big Chicken to have its head be a valid target. Usually, weapons can only hit their bodies and wings. It makes sense here, since it often rotates around.
  • Its wattle clips into its head during its idle animation.
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