Lord of The Plants

aka Random Chicken Invaders fan from 1999

  • I live in On planet Earth duh!
  • I was born on January 24
  • My occupation is Trying to get Space Ninja
  • I am Male
  • Lord of The Plants

    Before commenting read this:Yes i do know there are those f5,f6 and f7 cheats but i mean cheats like infinite keys,lives,rockets and all that stuff.

    I have been expirementing with cheat engine for a month or 2 i managed to hack CI3 and 4 and  some other games but i can't hack CI5 i have been trying to get space ninja for a long time but i am a college student so i don't have enough time so does anyone know how to hack CI5 with cheat engine 

    PS:Sorry if i made some grammar mistakes i am not english

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