CK-02 Event Horizon

The CK-02 Event Horizon on a transparent screen

The CK-02 Event Horizon, the Outerdimensional Spaceship of Spacetime or just "Event Horizon" is the main and final boss in Chicken Invaders 6 (not canonical at all though, just a fan-made thing, but the real game is under development). It is a large Death Star-like battleship with two metal rings, held together by a gear, it also has a laser orb, a superlaser dish (however, it's only used in a cutscene, the final encounter features 8 ordinary lasers instead of 1 superlaser) and a magnet holding metal remnants of the Mother-Hen Ship, which can fire black holes at different sizes.

It has the approximate mass of 400 Suns (7.9564 * 1032kilograms) and a volume of Jupiter, at 1.431 * 1015 km3 in volume compared to the Henterprise's 4.186 * 1012 km3 (in my headcanon). It has 2 exteriors, the outer one being blue in color, the inner one orange. Once defeated, the entire ship explodes, save for the core, about 23,855,000,000 kilometers in diameter. Its mission is to: rid the Hero (Frank) to stop his plans, distort the Earth's timeline, turning it into what it was 4.6 billion years ago, by harnessing the energy of UY Scuti, and on its final encounter, collapse Earth into a black hole 9mm in radius.

It has 120,000HP on Chapter 4: Return to Madamme1,000,000HP on Chapter 17 (might be updated), and 3,000,000HP so far on Chapter 24: The Final Frontier, and has a record of 16 attacks and 6 phases. Its attack patterns are similar to the Henterprise's but is more complex. The player can encounter it for 3 times, like the Henterprise, but right now, the final encounter is confirmed on Wave 240, the ultimate final level.

It is weak against Utensil Poker and Roaring Orchestra, but strong against the Ion Blaster, Neutron Gun, Vulcan Chaingun, Plasma Rifle, Photon Swarm, Positron Stream, Riddler, and Corn Shotgun. The Event Horizon image is taken from Steampunk Death Star, while this is the Space Background for the fight.


As mentioned above, the Event Horizon has 16 attacks, although since its Chicken Wobble attack has 7 different variants, some can consider it has 10 attacks, however its total is 16.

1. Red Beam: Like the Henterprise, it charges its Red Beam from the laser orb for a second before firing it once it enters the screen. However, the beam is not straight, and it tapers out a wider range the farther it goes, and the ENTIRE beam is dangerous, there's no safe zone, so if you're between the red lines, you're dead. This attack is used for 6 times, at the beginning of all 6 phases. This attack is introduced on its 1st encounter, but not on the 2nd and it returns on the final encounter.

2. Blue Time Ion: Similar to the Henterprise's Blue Ion attack, it fires blue shots quickly but they move slowly. It can fire in 2 packed shots, 2 spreaded shots, 3 packed shots, 3 spreaded shots, or 4 spreaded shots. This is the only attack that appears in all encounters, but not all phases. On its 1st encounter, it fires more often, at about 3 times the rate of the final encounter, and on its 2nd encounter, it fires twice as often as the final encounter.

3. Chess Pieces: Chickens are into sports, we've seen them play Soccer for 2 chapters, but now the boss introduces Chess pieces that has different health from the Pawn to King, at about 1500 to 6500 HP. It fires about 40-80 chess pieces that are close to each other. This attack is introduced on the 2nd encounter and returns on the final encounter.

4. Blimp Launch: Taken from the BTD (Bloons Tower Defense) franchise, the Event Horizon can fire large blimps holding dangerous balloons. On Phase 1, it fires MOABs (10000HP), on Phase 2 BFBs (25000HP) and on Phase 3 ZOMGs or DDTs (ZOMGs has a gargantuan 50000HP, and DDTs has 15000HP but move quickly). This attack is introduced on the 2nd encounter, but returns on the final encounter.

5. Ballistic Missiles: Deadly World War II missiles still operational are raided and equipped to the Event Horizon. It fires 5 missiles, that have a large blast range (that can kill you from 100px away, which is 200px in diameter) which behaves like grenades by Military Chicken (CI5). The missile's image is taken from PopCap's Heavy Weapon Deluxe. The missiles are homing on its 2nd encounter, but straight on the final encounter.

6. Black Hole: Did you know the weird-looking arrow at the left side of the Event Horizon? Since this thing breaks the laws of physics, the magnet holding the arrow can create black holes at will, that doesn't have any gravitational influence outside its event horizon (not to be confused with the boss) so you can only die when you touch the black part of a black hole. This attack is introduced on the 2nd encounter and returns in the final encounter.

7. Gravitational Force: During its 6th and final phase (which is the only time this attack is present), this attack isn't really harmful but messes with your ship's control, screwing your directions. It is, after all, a special power that the Henperor would give to his apprentice. It lasts for 1.5 seconds until it stops for a second, which at that point, the Event Horizon would fire its green lasers. It starts immediately after the Red Beam.

8. Purple Shots: Fires 3 long purple-colored shots like the U.C.O. every 1.25 seconds. It has no break and the shots travel slowly, so alot of them can cause trouble. This attack is introduced on the 1st encounter, but not on the 2nd and it returns on the 6th and final phase on the final encounter. The shots are straight on its 1st enconuter, which has from 5 to 25 groups of 2 shots.

9. Green Lasers: This attack lasts for 1 second, and it happens during the gap of time where the Gravitational Force isn't on. Green lines show the direction of the lasers during the 1.5 seconds that the Force is on, and the lasers activates after the Force stopped. Then, when the lasers dissipate, the Force awakens.

10. Chicken Wobble (variant 1): Only exclusive to the 1st encounter, however, it doesn't launch chickens at all, but instead only chicks, the amount of chicks is twice as much as Chicken Wobble variant 3.

11. Chicken Wobble (variant 2): Only exclusive to the 2nd encounter, and it launches both chickens and pilots. The total amount of those chickens are 1.5x as much as Chicken Wobble variant 3.

12. Chicken Wobble (variant 3): Now, this is where it gets real. Variant 3 to 7 of Chicken Wobble is completely exclusive to the final encounter. This attack spews 20 chicks, 25 chickens and 30 pilots.

13. Chicken Wobble (variant 4): Summons 15 Metal Suit Chickens from the edges of the screen, that wanders around the screen until killed.

14. Chicken Wobble (variant 5): Multiply chicks that covers 90 degrees of a circle emerge from the edges or corners and goes into the Event Horizon. After that, they spookily disappear. This attack spawns from 15 to 20 groups.

15. Chicken Wobble (variant 6): 2x4 rectangle-shaped chicken groups (8 chickens in each group) come from the top of the screen, but 10% of all the groups come from the bottom of the screen, so careful there. This attack spawns from 10 to 15 rectangles.

16. Chicken Wobble (variant 7): Lines of pilot chickens rain down (15 pilots per line) with a gap that's enough for 3 pilots to fill in. This attack spawns from 5 to 10 lines.

Attack Patterns

1st Encounter (Chapter ?)

It will comes from the left side of the screen and then begin firing its Red Beam, then follows this pattern until defeated:

Blue Time Ion -> Purple Shots -> Chicken Wobble v1

2nd Encounter (Chapter ?)

The boss will now have 4 phases, each 25% or 250,000HP. It always stay at the right of the screen, and never fires its Red Beam. This is the attack pattern of each phase until defeated:

Phase 1: Blue Time Ion -> Chess Pieces -> Chicken Wobble v2

Phase 2: Blue Time Ion -> Chess Pieces -> Blimp Launch -> Chicken Wobble v2

Phase 3: Blue Time Ion -> Chess Pieces -> Blimp Launch -> Ballistic Missiles -> Chicken Wobble v2

Phase 4: Blue Time Ion -> Chess Pieces -> Blimp Launch -> Ballistic Missiles -> Black Hole -> Chicken Wobble v2

3rd Encounter (Chapter 24: The Final Frontier)

The boss now has 6 phases, and most of its attacks from previous battles have returned. Each phase now accounts for 16.66% of the Event Horizon's health, or 500,000HP totalling all of them to 3,000,000HP. Now the Red Beam returns, used at the beginning of all 6 phases and the attack pattern is heavily complex.

Phase 1: Blue Time Ion -> Chess Pieces -> Chicken Wobble v3 -> Blue Time Ion -> Blimp Launch -> Chicken Wobble v4

Phase 2: Ballistic Missiles -> Chess Pieces -> Chicken Wobble v3 -> Ballistic Missiles -> Blimp Launch -> Chicken Wobble v4

Phase 3: Ballistic Missiles -> Chess Pieces -> Chicken Wobble v3 -> Black Hole -> Blimp Launch -> Chicken Wobble v4

Phase 4: Blue Time Ion -> Black Hole -> Chicken Wobble v3 -> Blue Time Ion -> Black Hole -> Chicken Wobble v4

Phase 5: Chicken Wobble v5 -> Chicken Wobble v6 -> Chicken Wobble v7

Phase 6: Gravitational Force -> Green Lasers (Purple Shots every 1.25 seconds)


General (about the boss)

  • This boss has the most attacks, phases, and health ever, at 10 or 16 attacks, 6 phases (final encounter only) and 3,000,000HP (final encounter only).
    • As of February 9, Croatia Soccer's CH-05 Orbital Destroyer has now taken the title of the boss with most attacks, with 17 attacks. Its health is set at 3 million, though it was formerly 500 billion.
  • The Laser CannonLightning FryerBoron RailgunHypergunIce Chess and all the other new weapons are the only weapons to not change their damage output against the Event Horizon.
    • The Utensil Poker and Roaring Orchestra deals 25% more damage, and everything else, 25% less damage.
  • The Event Horizon is the largest boss in the series, about 341.871 times larger than the Henterprise.
  • The Event Horizon's exterior armor is heavy strong, resisting all the damage types by 20%. So that means, no status effects can deal DoT to it, and Energy weapons won't arc off it.
    • During its 6th phase, there's an interior armor that resists physical/normal attacks buy 75%, but its resistance to Poison/Toxic is reduced to 10%.

BTS (behind the scenes)

  • The top-left and bottom-left panels are taken from Chicken Invaders: Cluck of the Dark Side, along with the Progress Indicator on the final image.
  • Assuming the Egg Cannon compressed to a sphere (not hollow, meaning its other parts would be clumped in it) has the volume of the Earth, the Henterprise has an estimated volume of about 4.186 * 1012 km3, and the Event Horizon, 1.4313 * 1015 km3. So the Hero's size should be smaller in the gallery images.
  • If it collapsed into a black hole, it would've has a Schwarzschild radius of 1184.192 kilometers. (non-revelant)
  • I won't show Chicken Wobble variant 1 and 2 though. Just imagine a whole flock of chicks or chickens and pilots. Wanna submit your idea? Go here: Chicken Invaders 6 Ideas.